Working for ANZ

Get an update from an ANZ Home Loan Specialist, about the benefits and job opportunities available when working for ANZ.


Faiyaz Aslam

Faiyaz Aslam
Regional Manager

Faiyaz has been with ANZ for more than fourteen years. He has steadily worked his way up from his first role as Customer Service Officer to his current role of Regional Manager in ANZ New Zealand’s Retail Banking division. He looks after 12 branches across Wellington North, with a team of over 150 people. “Retail Banking plays a critical role in ANZ’s growth as we’re the first point of contact for any new customers as well as new staff members looking to start a career in banking or existing staff members looking to get core staff management skills.”

“I was fortunate to have a very good manager/mentor that worked with me on my career development and aspirations. It was through their support that I started building my profile in the organisation. .  I was encouraged to put my hand up for various projects and actively collaborate with other business areas -  I always took a keen interest in what other teams did, what part they played within the Bank and how I could work with them. I volunteered to do anything extra like internal or external presentations as this often put me outside my comfort zone which is a great place to be if you want to learn new skills and broaden your knowledge.”

“The size and scale of the organisation, the opportunity to take on new challenges, the continual change for the better, the fast paced nature of the business and the great people were all key factors in attracting me to ANZ.” Now that Faiyaz is leading a large scale team, he says his next goal is to experience working overseas for ANZ. “As a New Zealander being so far away from rest of the world, I think there is always a thirst to go see what else is out there. I’ve been fortunate with the help of my manager and our Managing Directors to see ANZ in action in Melbourne, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Guangzhou and truly experience our super regional strategy first hand. This reinforced for me my next career goal which I hope to attain sometime in the near future.”


Kristie Van Der Molen

Kristie Van Der Molen
Commercial Relationship Manager

Kristie is a home-grown talent of ANZ, who participated in the bank’s graduate program and then started off as a Business Banking Assistant. She moved into expanded roles in quick succession until she assumed her current role as Relationship Manager in Commercial Banking. As a Relationship Manager, she manages a portfolio of commercial business clients and works with them to ensure that a comprehensive banking solution is delivered to support their business. Her business contributes to ANZ’s growth by increasing revenue for overall business while maintaining excellent service to existing clients.

Kristie has always wanted to be employed with an organisation that offers a good long term career option and provides a varied career path. “I wanted a job that provided for a good lifestyle and an interesting day to day position and that is what I still get from ANZ.”


Bob Turnbull

Bob Turnbull
Commercial Manager

Bob’s role as a Relationship Manager for the Commercial and Agri business of ANZ involves managing customer relationships to improve profitability and customer satisfaction.

“ANZ’s size was my main driver to join the company. I wanted to be part of a team that was a part of something bigger. My experience has matched my expectations around this whenever trying to assist a customer to go global. I would regularly connect with 6-8 different regions that ANZ has a presence in. I can easily see how this number could be increased with customers being based in more areas. One time I had a customer looking to rent a warehouse in Melbourne. Within 30 minutes my customer was on the phone with a Melbourne based manager who was discussing the pros/cons of choosing which suburb to rent in.”

“Aside from utilising ANZ’s connectivity to meet customer needs and keep them happy, I have also heard a lot from many friends that have used the company’s size and reach to take their career to another level in a different location.”

Another reason Bob enjoys working at ANZ is the flexibility that the organisation grants to employees. “I am a strong believer in work life balance. My role is one where work does not flow in regularly from 9 to 5. At times I need to work flexibly to meet the needs of customers, however on the flip side I’m encouraged to work flexibly to make time for activities that are important to me – whether it’s a gym workout at lunchtime or finishing early to spend quality time with my son.”

Brad Fraser

Brad Larsen
Branch Manager

"I began my career with ANZ as a teller in 2005 at one of our busy Queen Street (Auckland) branches.

Having been a University student of Arts and Theology I wasn't at all expecting that I'd stay in banking, but low and behold I loved it from day one.

Since that time I've worked in the various branch roles before entering the bank's Graduate Programme in 2007. During that year I relished the opportunity to discover the various businesses that comprise ANZ, spending time in those teams to learn more about what they do.

After the Grad Programme, I returned to retail banking, where I worked as Assistant Manager in two larger branches. This was a good grounding for my present challenge of Branch Manager at Waiheke Island. I love the variety and challenge in my job as no two days are the same. On top of that I have a fantastic team who embrace the personal and professional development focus our organisation has for its people, something which has motivated me from the start."

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