Amanda Owen is the New Zealand Divisional Financial Controller and works full time hours in a flexible way

I do a compressed work week - I start around 7 am each day and I do a mix of early and late finishes, to enable me to collect my kids from school some days. My hours may differ from day to day depending on what I have on, so I will make up hours in the evening where required. I try to work my weekly hours by Friday so I am able to get involved in school and other activities that day.

Having a flexible work arrangement means I can be more closely involved in my kids' day - after school activities, school pick-ups and drop-offs, and helping out with activities at school. My arrangement allows me to have a fulfilling and challenging role at the Bank, without sacrificing quality time with my family. Because I get the best of both worlds (but in a compressed time), I'm very motivated, satisfied and productive at work.

Most people I work with are familiar with my arrangement, and try to avoid booking meetings when I'll be out of the office. Other members of my wider team also work flexibly, so we are practised in accommodating different arrangements within the team.