Financial institutions

As New Zealand's largest financial institution, contributing 1% to the country's GDP*, ANZ plays a key role in supporting financial institutions in the New Zealand market. Furthermore, we can connect our customers via a global network spanning 33 jurisdictions in Australasia, the Pacific, Asia, Europe and North America.

We work closely with our customers building tailored solutions to help them meet their business goals, whether that is managing risks, growing business or increasing returns. We introduce our experts in fixed income, equity, foreign exchange and commodity markets, transaction banking, supply-chain management, financing, securitisation and regulatory capital as needed to help our customers prosper.

Our experienced team combines their local and international experience in capital markets, investment banking, advisory, financial markets and transaction banking, with access to a global network of specialists in the insurance, funds management, bank and non-bank financial institutions sectors. This breadth of experience and expertise gives our customers unique insights into key domestic and global issues and opportunities.

We are interested in how emerging technologies can be harnessed to potentially bring significant efficiencies to our customers. In April 2018 we tested how blockchain could assist the insurance industry by providing a single source of truth, removing uncertainty, and helping make response times faster. For further information, please see the whitepaper below.

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To find out more about how ANZ’s expertise in the Financial Institution’s sector can help your business succeed, please contact:

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Nick Maxwell, Executive Director, Financial Institutions

20 years of experience in the New Zealand financial markets, including rates and FX sales and capital markets origination and distribution.

+64 9 252 3465
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Matt Hearley, Director, Insurance & Diversified Financials

Has worked in the financial services sector in Europe and New Zealand since 2000, including roles in equity derivatives trading, audit and financial and strategic consulting. 

+64 9 252 6065
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Mark Lindon, Head of Client Insights & Solutions (Financial Institutions specialist)

16 years of experience in financial capital markets and capital market origination in London, New York, Dubai and Singapore.

+64 9 252 6185
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Shane Marsh, Head of Financial Institutions Sales, Transaction Banking

15 years of experience in telecommunications, risk management and financial institution transaction banking in London and New Zealand. 

+64 9 252 3552
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Tim Olphert, Head of Financial Institutions Sales, Markets

26 years experience in financial markets in New Zealand and Hong Kong. 

+64 4 471 0275
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Chris James, Head of Financial Institutions, Research & Analysis

13 years of experience in the New Zealand financial markets, including relationship and senior credit responsibilities across all industry sectors.

+64 9 252 3497