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ANZ Private helps you manage, grow and protect your wealth

Your needs

Our team of experts understand your unique situation.

Building wealth through your career or business?

We understand the competing challenges between professional and personal life. That’s why at ANZ Private, we can help you plan for the life you want by designing a financial strategy aligned to your circumstances and aspirations.

We’ll use our local and global knowledge and experience to help you achieve your financial goals, so you can focus on what matters most at work and at home.

Receiving a life changing amount of money?

Life changing events, such as the sale of a business or a significant windfall, can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. We understand the strong emotions that come with sudden wealth and can help you navigate through the change.

We’ll use our expertise and knowledge to help you make sense of your new financial position, and provide practical advice to help turn your new-found wealth into a lasting legacy.

Moving to New Zealand?

We’ll make your transition to New Zealand as easy as possible. Our team of experts can help you establish a strong financial foundation, so you can focus on a stress-free move for you and your family.

We have proven expertise in providing wealth solutions for migrant investors. Whether you’re looking to invest under the Investor or Investor Plus categories, our team of Private Bankers will have an investment solution for you.

We’ll also provide a full range of financial services, like your day-to-day banking, insurance, lending and foreign currency management.


A highly personalised wealth management service

Our focus is on you and your needs.

Grow your wealth

We will design a financial strategy that will help to preserve and grow your wealth over the long term.

Manage your money

We can help you manage your day-to-day banking the way you want.

Increase your assets

Seize opportunities with our range of residential and commercial lending solutions.

Protect your wealth

By getting to know you, we can design a risk management strategy to suit your circumstances.

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